M A K E   N E W   P A T T E R N S .
At Plentea we envision a future where people are empowered to take
charge of their mood, energy level, health, wellness, relaxation,
productivity and peace, through the powerfully transformative
qualities of designed tea beverages in inspiring spaces. We are
devoted to creating delicious, beautiful, and healthful beverages
that help unlock the potential of every guest in an atmosphere
that is carefully designed to inspire change in each hood we
live in. Plentea’s teatenders are creative specialists who
compose beverages and experiences that transform with each
individual objective and desire.
Steeping Hours
Monday - Friday    8am-9pm
Saturday 10am to 8pm
Sunday    11am to 8pm
Email: connectwith@plentea.ca
Location: 1205 Queen Street West
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